Painting sent to debt collection agency. 2010,

Phone Conversation recordings, transcripts.

13th October

Hello, Credit Security Limited


Can I have your name, please?

Rebecca Lennon

And your date of birth?

3rd of the 10th 1981

And your address?

I’ve moved house. I wrote to you to tell you but I haven’t heard back..

What was the postcode of your previous address?


Ok. We are no longer handling your account..


I don’t have access to any more information, just that the account was passed back to Lloyds TSB so if you get in touch with them,

they will be able to advise you on who it is that is handling your debt now.


ok…but I sent a painting to you on the 16th September, can you confirm that you received it?

A what?

A painting

You sent a painting where?

To your office..

Can I ask why you sent a painting to our office?

I sent it as payment for my debt


Ok.Can I ask, did you ask anyone in advance if you could send the painting?

No but I discussed it with my gallery



Can I ask… Why did you think you could send a painting as payment for your debt?

Because it has been valued at £1,390, which is the amount of my debt with your company.


Right..ok.. can you just hold a moment please?


(hold music)

Thank you for holding, unfortunately, I have no record of the painting on our system and in any case, we don’t take payment in paintings,

I’m afraid. And we are no longer handling your debt so I advise that the best thing for you to do is call Lloyds TSB as soon as you can.

Ok, please could you put this in writing?

No we can’t. I’m sorry

But for our administration, we need it in writing

We can’t put it in writing, I’m afraid


We don’t have a letter template for it…for this.. situation

Can you write one?

No we can’t, we can only send out letters that we have a template for

The thing is..the painting was sent by recorded delivery on the 16th of September and I need to know that it was received.

There is nothing about a painting on our system

The problem is… the painting is worth £1390.00

I understand that but, unfortunately, as you did not ask for permission to send the painting we cannot be held liable.

Is there any way of tracing who received it in your office?

No….there is no record of the painting on our system

What if the painting has been lost?

Well as I said, we can’t be held liable for loss or damage of the painting

Are you sure?

Pretty sure, yes

If I had sent money would you be liable?

If we had made an arrangement with you then yes

But you had written to me to request payment?

I’m sorry I can no longer continue this conversation

Do you think Lloyds TSB would be liable for the painting?

You would have to speak to them about that, we are no longer dealing with your debt

If you find the painting, could you get in contact with me to let me know and I will send it on to Lloyds TSB?

We can’t do that, no. We are no longer handling your debt.

Ok. I’ll phone back then in a couple of weeks then and see if you have found it, shall I?

Right.. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

No that’s it thanks

Ok thanks for phoning credit security limited.. good bye